Tampere - the Finnish city known as the capital of the beautiful and unique - is full of interesting events ranging from poetry, festivals, musicals to ice hockey and basketball. It has a population of around 222,000 people making it the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland city of any of the Nordic countries.

Finland's second largest amusement park and Finland's only dolphinarium, Särkänniemi, is located right in the centre of Tampere on an isthmus which connects the nearby Ylöjärvi town to Tampere. Other visitor highlights at Särkänniemi include an aquarium, planetarium, a viewing tower called 'Näsinneula Tower' which also houses a restaurant, and also Angry Birds Land.

For the more cultured visitors, the Sara Hilden Art Museum provides an ever-changing series of exhibitions but beware, it can be closed for a few weeks at a time to allow for exhibition changes. A great choice for family days out is the Koiramäki theme park which is based upon the popular children's author, Mauri Kunnas' stories.

Sport Ice hockey is popular all over Finland and no more so in Tampere. The city is home to two league teams: Tappara and Ilves. Both play their home matches at Hakametsä ice arena which is Finland's oldest indoor ice rink. The arena is also host to a range of events from exhibitions to concerts.

Old Tampere Customs House caters for the residents of Tampere, hosting an active club & gigs scene. A venue called Pakkahuone is another popular venue in Tampere, playing host to an impressive array of domestic and international artists - the likes of David Byrne , eX-Girl, The Wailers, The Ramones, Ornette Coleman, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Paradise Lost, John Zorn, Cindy Blackman, the Dubliners, Type O Negative, and the Prodigy.

Tampere Hall is home to the largest concert and congress centre in the Nordic countries.

During the summer, the city is filled with a diverse array of festivals and events. Tammerfest, Blockfest and Tammerkosken sillalla are well-established festivals and attract many visitors during the summer months.

Ratinan Stadium is located right in the center of Tampere and serves as a versatile venue for sports such as music events. On the stage of the stadium over the years Toto, Iron Maiden, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi have performed.

Visitors for events will find that Tampere is easy to travel to. It's easily reached by train and bus. There is an airport (Tampere-Pirkkala Airport) located close to Tampere - it's a busy international airport with excellent connections to the rest of Europe.

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